The awesome thing about a slate roof is that it could last for anywhere between 75 to 200 years, depending of course on the quality of the installation, as well as whether or not you have maintained the tiles well, replacing them as soon as there are signs of trouble.

That said, perhaps you’re wondering whether or not it’s time to repair or replace your slate roof, in which case you’ll be looking for the best slate roof repairs Cape Town.

If you are the owner of a slate roof, the first thing you need to do is to make sure you have the roof inspected at least once a year, preferably in spring, so that the roof will be in mint condition for the arrival of winter storms.

Extensive experience is required on the part of a roofing contractor in order to carry out quality slate roof repairs, and with over 30 years’ experience in the roofing industry, Atech Roofing Cape Town offers all the skill and experience you could need for lasting roof repairs.

Slate roof repairs Cape Town

If you keep up with the suggested annual roof inspection, you’ll be able to avoid what could become costly repairs further down the line. The most common damage to any slate roof, especially in the punishing Cape winter conditions, is to the slate tiles themselves.

If you don’t attend to broken, cracked or missing slate tiles as soon as there are signs of trouble, it will lead to leaks, which, if left unchecked, can get so bad that the very structure of your roof could be under threat.

The most common problems you might face as the owner of a slate roof is that of missing, cracked or slipped slates, in which case, the team at Atech Roofing Cape Town has the skill to repair individual slates, without causing damage to the rest of the slate tiles.

Because slate roof repairs are a specialised field, trying to carry out slate roof repairs yourself isn’t a good idea, since you could end up causing more damage than there may have been to start with.

5 Signs your slate roof may need to be replaced

Here are 5 signs to look out for that could mean your slate roof may need to be replaced:

  1. Flaking on the exterior of the slate tiles or powdery substance on the underside of the tile
  2. Tiles that are regularly broken or loose, as well as tiles that are missing
  3. Slate tiles that are falling in large amounts
  4. Visible water damage inside the roof or on the ceiling, as well as signs of damp on interior walls
  5. Major problems that show up especially after heavy rain and storms

Atech Roofing Cape Town slate roof repairs

If there’s one team you can trust to give you an honest evaluation with regard to the health of your slate roof, it’s the down-to-earth guys at Atech Roofing Cape Town!

This highly trained team is committed to excellence on every level, which includes treating your budget with the care you deserve in a tight economy when it comes to slate roof repairs.

As roofing, waterproofing and painting contractors, who are proud to offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, you can be absolutely certain that no matter what your roofing problems may be, Atech Roofing Cape Town will have the perfect solution.

Contact this friendly team via WhatsApp, email or telephone, to find out more about what they can do to make sure your roof lasts as long as it should, whether for residential, commercial or industrial application.