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Welcome to Atech Roofing Repairs in Mouille Point.

With over 30 years of expertise in the roofing sector, we provide excellent pricing on all building maintenance services. All workmanship and materials are guaranteed!

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our employees are highly trained.

Excellent Prices

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our employees are highly trained.

Excellent Prices

Roof Repairs Cape Town

Roof Repair in Mouille Point

Is there a hole in your roof sheeting or are your tiles cracked? We repair or replace roofs as needed. Has moss or dirt built up on the roof, making it discolored? We provide high-quality roof cleaning services.


Waterproofing and Damp in Mouille Point

We provide both damp treatment and damp prevention services. Leaks and damp issues may cause your property’s value to plummet, leaving you chilly and irritable. Our waterproofing and damp repair services are designed with decades of expertise and guaranteed to keep you dry this winter.

Our Roof Repair Mouille Point services include all elements of home, office, and warehouse maintenance, as well as repairs and painting.

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We provide interior, exterior, and roof painting services in Mouille Point. Are you thinking of selling your home or want a fresh new appearance? We offer complete house painting services.

Other Services

Ceiling repairs and fascia repair

Do your ceilings need to be replaced or refurbished due to a leaking roof, damp issues, or a burst geyser? We can repair any ceiling and replace or refurbish fascia boards if necessary.

Roof Repairs in Mouille Point

We can assist you with roofing repairs in Cape Town and Surrounds. Mouille Point